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What is the Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation?

The Foundation works to support the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program through private fund-raising.

What does the Guardian ad Litem Foundation do?


The Foundation advocates for the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program. An example of this advocacy is participating in community events to enhance awareness of the GAL Program and build public/private partnerships throughout the community. The Foundation provides advocacy training for the Program staff, volunteers, and local non-profits.

Volunteer Retention and Recruitment

Volunteer Retention is maintained through various avenues such as volunteer recognition, trainings, volunteer committees on local and statewide levels, and continued support for their advocacy of foster children. Volunteer recruitment is increased by creating and maintaining partnerships with corporations, other state agencies and service organizations throughout the state.

Financial Support

Currently, the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program represents 29,000 abused and neglected children, but more than 5,200 children are still in need of a voice in court. A Guardian ad Litem can provide that voice. Through additional financial support of the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program, The Foundation is helping to create a new reality – where every abused, abandoned and neglected child in Florida has a voice in court through their Guardian ad Litem.

This support is available to the Program because of funds donated by individuals, non profits, corporations, and foundations.

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The Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation
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